Sometimes Rosie lets me nap on her. 

It’s our favorite doodle!!! 

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Just SOME of the things we want for Valentine’s Day!

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Liz Lange: Growing up, our parents had a painting version of this “love” sign. It is so iconic and so ‘70’s and I just “love” it! I can almost picture Brooke Shields in her Calvins, white button front blouse and this necklace. Can’t you?

Jane Wagman: I am always so thrilled when we can offer you jewelry in your choice of gold or silver tone. Liz and I are always gold girls but in this particular case I could almost see going silver — The 1970s style of it, reminds me of all the silver Elsa Peretti jewelry I loved back in the day.

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Liz Lange: Once again, Jane has picked an earring that is not clip on. I really do love these though. Maybe I will get them and convert them. They are big, yet delicate and rose GOLD—my favorite color in the whole wide world.

Jane Wagman: Exactly! I love jewelry that makes a big statement while still being elegant. These are the perfect rose gold hoops as I love the way they sparkle and peek out from your hair. What’s not to like?

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Liz Lange:  I am obsessed with this cardigan and all the many ways you can wear it. It’s a shrug, it’s a cardigan, it’s a top….it’s everything!

Jane Wagman:  It’s soft, it can be sexy, it can be serious, it can even be used to cover your least favorite body party. This wrap just does too many things to convey in such a short space. But guess what? We made you a video showcasing some of our favorite ways to style this little magic garment—check it out!

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Liz Lange: What I love about Dr. Brandt’s BB Cream is his signature flexitone technology. In layman’s terms that means that this cream adjusts and blends into any skin-tone (like a magic trick). So even though I have medium/tan skin and Jane has fair skin, we can both use it. And the best part, no more trying to figure out what shade to buy: one color fits all!!

Jane Wagman: I worship Dr. Brandt and I worship this BB Cream. I use it all the time and here is why: It is super thin so it blends great even though it has SPF30 and protects skin from UVA/UVB rays. Here is a tip: BB Creams oxidize as the day go goes on creating a deeper more glow-y look. If you are going out at night, do NOT wash your face and re-apply. Just add a little more or dust your face with powder et voila.

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with Andrea Pomerantz Lustig

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Liz Lange: The one piece of jewelry that I never take off is my 1980’s Mens Rolex. These Breda “Sawyer” watches have the classic lines of my Rolex, while being super fun. I love all the colors and am hard pressed to figure out which one I like the most. I don’t like “fun” jewelry in general, but these work as they are classic and whimsical at the same time.

Jane Wagman: For me, these are the perfect vacation watches. They can be dressed up or down (I love all the “diamonds”) and they are the right price.

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Liz Lange:
Some people believe that having a tan healthy glow is for summer months only. Those people would be wrong. Nothing lifts my spirits during these dark dreary months than a little hit of color. I love this St. Tropez product as it applies so easily to my legs (and all over my body) and gives me a tan appearance which I can wash off at the end of the day or night. No commitment necessary.

Jane Wagman:

My sister-in-law just turned me on to me this and now it is my fave. What Liz doesn’t know about this product (sorry Liz) is that Vitatanz not only gives you a beautiful glow, but it ALSO has anti-aging properties (2-fer). It’s la best color (their motto is “always brown, never orange” which is so true. It’s a thin liquid (not an oil) so it goes on super smooth to avoid streaking. Perfection.

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Liz Lange:
Lately, as winter is upon us I have become obsessed with this deeper darker red which feels uber glamorous next to the greys, blacks and oxblood clothing I’ve been wearing. True Confession: I started growing my nails long and painting them red for TV appearances only to discover that I love it and now I spend an inordinate amount of time at my local nail salon!

Jane Wagman: 

Trure dat! Yesterday, while we were struggling to hold our planks in gym class, we looked down at our beautiful nails and realized it’s time to share our new winter colors with you! I have always gravitated towards the pink family. The color I am loving is a deep purpl-y reddish pink. It ALSO looks fab with oxblood, purples, army green and all those other great winter colors I am sporting.

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Liz Lange: I am really not a sneaker gal but Jane is OBSESSED with her platform sneaks and literally lives in them. I guess they are growing on me!

Jane Wagman: Liz can teeter (and freeze) on her Manolo’s all winter long while I look equally cute in coated jeans and my wedge sneakers! They are super comfy and give me a little extra height while elongating the leg! I love this pair because they are neutral enough to wear with everything but would look awesome with black, gray, white, red…

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Liz Lange:
Jane is OBSESSED with all things fur. She wears fur funnels, fur cuffs, fur hats, She’d probably wear fur pajamas if she could. I love fur too but I am not a big hat/scarf gal (I know you all know that already!). That said, fur around the face is so luxe and flattering. Both these come in the cutest colors.

Jane Wagman:
I worship BOTH Glamourpuss AND Adrienne Landau and own pieces (more then I should mention) of both of them. What I love about the Glamourpuss shown here is that it is a TWO-FER. You can cinch the top (as in picture) to make a hat OR you can loosen it and it becomes a funnel.  

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Take a look at this Dior beauty. OBSESSED #goldenglobes


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What a luxurious combo of products!  Use these fabulous Honey and Propolis body products to soothe and treat the skin.  This kit contains Love Your Body, Walk the Walk & Hands On.

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Liz Lange: I can’t believe that you can get a fantastic pair of suede pumps in a heel height of your choice without the usual hefty price tag that typically goes with customization of any sort. The rounded toe on this pair feels just right for office or night out. Classic and elegant.

Jane Wagman: Seriously— $88 and I get to pick how high I want these to be? I love the 2” as a cute kitten heel option, the 3” as a perfect every day wearable heel and the 4” for a sexy evening shoe. These, in any of the fun colors, would be perfect with jeans but just as good with a business suit or a party dress.

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